Performing Arts Mastery Program

Performing Arts Mastery Track is designed as a rigorous, 技能的基础, pre-professional program for those interested in the performing arts.

学生s must apply to the program and commit to taking part in our productions, 类, and outside experiences. 的y will write yearly reflections and production response papers, work on our shows both as performers, crew members, and production leaders, and eventually devise and produce an original capstone project.

Benefits of the Performing Arts Mastery Program

  • Gain experience in all aspects of production
  • Access to individualized mentorship from our faculty
  • Engage in opportunities to network via specialized workshops and field trips
  • Create an independently produced capstone project
  • Build a resume and portfolio for college admissions

Academic Requirements

学生s must complete 2.5 credits worth of Performing Arts 类. 

For the 2022-2023 school year, these offerings include: 

  • 剧场: 的atre 1, 的atre 2, Playwriting, Technical 的atre
  • 舞蹈: Dance 1, Tap, Ballet
  • 音乐: 音乐al 的atre, Performance Choir, Voice I, Voice II, Ensemble, and 音乐 theory.

**Please note that if a student repeats a course by choice - such as taking more than one year of performance choir - the course will only be counted once toward the track. 

Production Requirements

Involvement in our productions are required as part of this track. This includes the following:

  • Involvement in at least 2 Middle School shows (as crew or in a 领导 role) before graduation
  • Involvement in at least one other production - Upper School 玩 or all-school musical - as crew, 领导, or performer per year that you are in the track (sophomore, junior, and senior year)
  • General help with all Performing Arts concerts and events as front of house, 运行人员, 技术帮助, 等. 

Capstone Proposal and Project

学生s in the mastery track must produce a capstone project in their desired concentration. Examples included but not limited to:

  • directing a short (10分钟)
  • writing a 10 minute 玩
  • designing costumes for a specific show
  • composing music for a dance performance
  • producing a short film
  • designing the set for a specific show
  • a research based thesis project with accompanying visual materials (for example, a poster board with images)

Projects will be performed and presented during the Spring Arts Festival every May. Research and design based projects will be dis玩ed in the lobby and performances will enjoy a fully staged presentation of their work.

All interested students and their parents interested in the application form should contact Mrs. McAllister for more details.